Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Healthcare Debate: The Cost of Doing Nothing

Politics. It seems like a dirty word these days, but like the cockeyed optimist that I am, I keep looking for the silver lining in all the storm clouds on the horizon. As a way to inaugurate this blog, I have to add a link to one man's reasonable musings I found on the business page of the Los Angeles Times that pretty much crystalizes my own feelings about the whole debate.,0,2543387.column

He may not have all the answers, but we need the ideas out there and not just more organized fear mongering and obfuscation from the far right and criticism of not taking it far enough from the far left. Let's get practical people towards the center of each party back in the debate and get something done. The time is now. If we keep passing the buck and letting fear rule the day we shall find ourselves in a hole too deep and less rational and more greedy minds will prevail and give us what we deserve for our inaction and our refusal to work together. That is the cost of doing nothing.

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