Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frigid In Manhattan

Bryant Park's Blue Tree
Well I'm still in New York City and getting a taste of some real eastern hospitality, via the frigid winter weather.  While I am feeling much better and venturing out despite the occasional snow flurry,  I am still struggling to master the art of layering for warmth while hoping to look somewhat fashionable and hip (as in cool verses hippopotamus).  

Despite the cold weather and muscle spasm a few days ago, not to mention a few sniffles,  as always, I'm enjoying Manhattan.  Due to said sniffles I've extended my stay until Saturday, which means I had to fork out a little extra cash (always a bad thing this time of year)  for a first class seat, which was all that was  available  on Virgin America.    I usually fly business class (or in the case of V/A,  Main Cabin Select),  however it will not hurt my feelings to be able to sleep most of the way home in the roomier, reclining seats.

As I sit here,  I am recapping some of the highlights of my stay.   Besides some shopping for some things for her apartment, to me the best gift one person gives to another is the gift of memorable times together.   It is something my daughter and I always strive for and the best present we give each other .

From our swing at Bryant Park
A few places we spent time together was at Bryant Park,  bundled up and watching the skaters for a while then grabbing a swing under the heaters and enjoying an Orange Liqueur spiked Hot Chocolate with some hot Parmesan Popcorn.   Personally I think this is where I got the sniffles as it was bloody cold, but we enjoyed it none the less, especially since it was more orange liqueur than  hot chocolate and it went down very well.

We also made the trek to Saks and Bergdorf  to see the windows and do some shopping.   Upon leaving Bergdorfs we found it was windy and starting to snow so we retired to The Plaza Hotel for some hot Lobster/Mushroom Bisque and watched people scurrying for cover from our window seat.   

Gramercy Tavern Dressed for Christmas
Gramercy Tavern
Another  highlight was dining  at Gramercy Tavern.   The restaurant was cozy and warm and all dressed up for Christmas.  I especially loved dining in the tavern side and seeing the Christmas tree and the profusion of beautiful  pomanders hanging from the ceiling, as well as the bright red amaryllis and red rose laden sideboard beautifully put together by a very artistic soul.  The friendly staff and the great service was equal to the robust and tasty fish stew,  and all of it contributing to warming up the body as well as the spirit and giving one a great taste of the season.  I recommend it highly for its festive ambiance and tasty menu.  The desserts are especially yummy.

Tuesday night we had dinner in the West Village after making the rounds of West Elm, Crate and Barrel and Home Depot in Chelsea for some cellular blinds and area rugs (sheepskin) for D's apt.  

Last night we decided to try  the trendy (for Sushi lovers) Omen in Soho.  Small world that it is, we ran into one of D's ex boyfriends dining with one of his agents.  He looks great and the guy rattles off a list of all the great places he's been and traveling to in the next few days.    I couldn't figure out how the guy could fit so many exciting sounding things into the few minutes he spent conversing with us.   After he left to go back to his table it took some doing to cheer her up, especially when he is going to Costa Rica where she was supposed to go for New Years but the plan fell through.  She wants to know why some men just get better looking while women just get older?   This said by the person who was carded at two restaurants this week.    It's a good thing we ran into another friend of hers waiting  outside another restaurant,  a very cheeky fellow who was happy to see us and remarked how stylish we both looked.  I thanked God for gay men who notice such things!

As for Omen, the food was good, but perhaps a little overrated for the prices they charge.    I liked the simple, Zen atmosphere which befits Japanese Restaurants though and next time will order a la cart rather than trying one of the chef prepared tasting menu.

Tonight I very reluctantly passed on  a documentary at NYU about Uganda and some people doing some good works there to help some of  Joseph Kony's  young victims through teaching them breakdancing.   I still have the sniffles and am trying to baby myself so I can enjoy my last day tomorrow.

I hear they are expecting rain in L.A. this weekend and I have tickets to see Next to Normal on Sunday,  so I will say  adieu to the city until April and head for home and put up my Christmas tree before D flies out on the 21st.  I have several packages waiting for me and tons of mail to sort through and I am not looking forward to that.  It is strange facing the holidays without my Mom this year, but life goes on and D will be home and we will try to make it a merry one with my siblings and their families. 

I love NYC.   If all goes well perhaps next year I may just start shopping around for a small place of my own here so I can spend some extended time during certain parts of the year.  Maybe the timing will be right.  We'll see.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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