Friday, January 14, 2011

Still at the Movies - Blue Valentine and tonight The King's Speech

Blue Valentine (with spoilers)

I'm still at the movies and trying to fit in a few more before the Golden Globes on Sunday.  Last night D and I took in Blue Valentine (she is a big Ryan Gosling fan) and I have to tell you that as depressing as parts of the story was, the acting was superb.

The story centers around a couple and it cross cuts back and forth between when they meet and the early part of their courtship to their lives together a few years and one child later.  It is sad and loud and in some parts sexy, but overall about how early passion cannot make up for lasting (educational and spiritual) compatibility of the two people in a relationship.

The cinematography was, and was meant to be, gritty... almost a little like a home made movie documenting the lives of two playful people who had two strikes against them right from the start.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams WERE the two people, their performances were that real and their emotions that raw.   This is the kind of movie you either love or hate...but it left you thinking how sad and true to life  the way some relationships  are destined to go and the pain involved (and the bravery too) in walking out of them when there is nothing left.

In a couple of hours I will be off to see The King's Speech and am looking forward to the big treat I know this movie will be.


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