Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How lovely to hear...

...that they are making an HBO movie out of the book Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin.  The project will be directed by Ray Roach from a screenplay by Danny Strong.          

Game Change is the result of thousands of interviews with unnamed sources close to the key players in the last presidential primary and running up to the election and after.  It is about Hillary, Bill, Obama, John and Elizabeth Edwards, John McCain and Sarah Palin and their behind the scenes struggles to gain the ultimate prize...the Presidency of the United States.

Sarah Palin?
I loved this well researched look at the personalities and their key players and can hardly wait to see the finished product on HBO.   They just announced that Julianne  Moore will be portraying Palin, so I am happy about the calibre of the players they are reeling in for this project.

If you get a chance, read Game Change before it is reenacted for TV.  I recommend it.  I can hardly wait to tell my daughter.  She also read it (as a matter of fact she gave it to me) and we loved discussing it as I came upon new revelations after reading each chapter, even  though most of it bore out pretty much what I observed happening at the time.

I am half way through Obama's Wars, by Bob Woodward and enjoying it,  but Game Change was a great read if you are political junkie.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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