Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paris - Days Two and Three

Our Corner Boulangerie-Patisserie

We awoke very late and had an afternoon breakfast at the nearby Cafe Metro, then did some more exploring of our neighborhood, visiting a few pharmacies to check out some products that had been recommended by friends.  After visiting several more places and picking up some extra groceries, including some espresso and milk, we returned to the apartment and sat down to  decide which  restaurants we wanted to make reservations for and plan out a  loose schedule for the week.  By the time we finished, we decided to stay in the neighborhood and seek out one of the nearby restaurants.

We walked the few blocks to San Germain des Pres and tried to find somewhere healthy to eat, finally deciding on Thai food and a place called Sam Woo's, where we shared a very nice bottle of a light  Rose' to go with our leisurely and surprisingly good dinner of chicken coconut curry and several lovely seafood salads.

After walking around a little, we returned to the apt, where I retired to my room, scrubbed my face, put on a layer of Cellex C and moisturizer and filled the lovely 6ft. Villeroy and Boch tub in my bathroom for a very warm,  sybaritic soak after which I applied one of the lovely new cooling leg and feet creams I had bought at the pharmacy and crawled between the cool, smooth sheets with a silk sleep mask over my eyes, to get the first good night's sleep I'd had in quite a few days.

Sunday morning we awoke and had oatmeal with almonds, walnuts and fresh strawberries, followed by fresh O.J., flakey croissants with lots of butter and made espresso with the great Alessi stovetop pot and heated up whole milk for typical French Cafe au lait.

D wanted to revisit and photograph nearby Luxembourg Gardens.  Stores are closed and Sunday is family time for the French.  

Here are some of her photos of the French in one of their natural habitats (the other being the sidewalk cafes).

Loved seeing so many older couples holding hands as they walked in the street.

Sun Worshiping?

Neighborly Greetings?

Returning to the apt, we freshened up and headed out to do more exploring with our eventual destination being the Marais and our dinner plans at Le 404 Moroccan Restaurant.

Sun on the Buildings

The plants against the color of the bldg. looked attractive.
Someone with a sense of humor added a hat to the statue.

An old classic.

A little Cuba in Saint Germain above and below.

Our walk took us over the Pont De Arts where D was enchanted with the many locks which attest to Paris as the city of love and the many couples who go there to leave their names and perhaps a little of  their memories of the trip with their loved one  on the bridge.                                                            

Je t'aime!

The Love Boats on the Seine
View from the Bridge

And finally, our destination in the Marais, Le 404 Moroccan Restaurant, where after eating a wonderful pigeon pie, laced with cinnamon and powdered sugar, we ordered a Moroccan stew (tajine), spiced sausages, a vegetable couscous, topped off by a bottle of a nice red and some sweet, fragrant tea.

We took a taxi home, sated, very merry and very tired.    Good article about No. African dining in Paris.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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