Sunday, August 15, 2010

Harry Connick, Jr. Rocks the Bowl...

... and I do mean rocks it! I, along with my sister and brother in law, are lucky enough to be into the second season of having a box at the Hollywood Bowl. We've had some fun evenings and watched some fabulous talent, but I have to say that Harry Connick's performance last night ranks right up there with last season's Pink Martini (a Bowl favorite). For those of you familiar with the talents that make up Pink Martini, they always put on one hell of a show!

Along with a few of his usual ballads, Harry decided to give his audience a vicarious trip to his beloved New Orleans and some of us came back craving for more. His New Orleans style jam with several musicians, a bass, saxophone and trombone, with him taking turns at the grand piano, honky tonk piano, and trumpet, as well as shaking his booty with so much rhythm and gusto, he took the audience for a ride on the groove he was so obviously in last night. I've always known the man has talent, but it was his unassuming charm and the obvious love for what he does, that made me love every minute of it. I think that if they would have let him, he would have performed all night. It was lovely.

What is ironic to me is that I once commented to one of his movie co-stars that he didn't have any chemistry with the leading lady. The very charming co-star informed me that he was a very good actor and was "not supposed to have chemistry" with the leading lady in the movie. He was right of course, and looking back, I blush at having even uttered such an idiocy. After watching him last night, what is more important then having chemistry with his leading lady, is the fact that Harry Connick, Jr. has loads of chemistry with his music and his musicians and, when he is on, like he was last night, with his audience.

Thank you Mr. Connick and New Orleans here I come!

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