Sunday, February 26, 2012

2012 Academy Awards (Oscars)

Yahooooo!  All my personal picks for awards won tonight and I congratulate all of them (see some of my reviews on this blog).

If you haven't seen The Artist, go see it!   Congratulations to Michel Hazanavicius!

Best actor winner Jean DuJardin is so charming and sexy.... I love his smile and his crooked teeth!  My sister and daughter agree...he is very charming.

Also congrats to Woody Allen for penning the lovely Midnight in Paris.

Meryl's Streep's speech was bittersweet, when she said she knew it was the last time she would be up there....although I'm not so sure.  The Meryl Streep's and Helen Mirren's of the world still have a lot of life left in them.   Look at Christopher Plummer tonight!  Bless him!

My very favorite parts of the show were the vignettes of varioius actors themselves talking about movies.  It really made the show special...listening to what they "feel" makes a good movie and how much of themselves they put into it and then wait and hope....These touches made it personal and really engaged the audience. congratulations to Brian Grazer for personalizing the show this way and making it more  watchable and to Billy Crystal for the clever opening skit.

A few of my favorite dresses for the night were worn by Cameron Diaz, Gwenneth Paltrow (with the cape), Angelina Joliem(just because she always looks so pretty), Stacy Keibler and Milla Jovovich.  Penelope Anne Miller's dress was lovely too.  I'm sure there are others and I'll add postscripts as I remember them.

The Artist's costume designer and Meryl Streep's make up artist won and those were also two I picked.

I have always loved the fashions of the 20's...the low waist with the bias cut skirts...and the long necklaces.   I hope these will make a comeback because of the movie.

Congratulations too to Harvey Weinstein for picking winners.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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